Das Selbstbildnis der Kunst / Self-Portrait of (U+2BD1)

Art where are you?
Art who are you?
Art, what can you do and what is your purpose?

SELF-PORTRAIT OF  (U+2BD1) “je ne sais quoi” is a documentary film format that deals with existential questions of society.

The author Eduard Starcic seeks the answers to these questions in artists, their creative processes and their works of art. Starcic sees this ENCOUNTER at the same time as the encounter with the person “art” itself.

In discussions, Starcic first focuses on the mutual influences between art and socially relevant areas (science, economy, politics, spirituality). With the additional emphasis on the relevance, competence and the power source of art in everyday life, Starcic creates an impression that makes the viewer dream about the limits of the current state of society and its standards.

Through the composition of fictional filmic elements that reflect everyday life in society and the thoughts of art about it, as well as the questioning of “art” through documentary accompaniment of the artists, this film itself becomes a work of art, an answer, a thought, of art.

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Director: Eduard Starcic
Director of Photography: Jakob Gehrmann